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Fun & Games

We keep them going.

Games vary depending on the party location and motor skills of the children.

Temporary Tattoos- There is wide selection of different tattoos to choose from.

Parachute- We bring either a large or small parachute just like the ones they have in school. The kids make waves while some toys bounce in the air.

Freeze Tag/ Freeze dance- The kids dance or run until the music stop.

Relay games: Spoon Egg Race, Potato Sack Race, Over Under, Dress-Up Relay, Balloon Toss, Balloon Pop (with a surprise if outdoors), Mummy Wrap.

Simple Treasure Hunt- Age appropriate hunt for items.

Hola Hoop Contest- Hola Hoop until the hoop touches the ground. Great at Block parties you'd be surprised at how long some kids last.

Musical Chairs- Can be played with a twist if group is a little older. All the children win a participation prize.

Limbo and remember all ages can get involved.

We play as much as the time allows. 

One of the best parts about these games it is a great time to take excellent photos of the little ones.

******Keep in mind it depends on the size of the location-indoors/outdoors which games can be played. We also select age appropriate games as well.